lassie jerky psych timothy omundson maggie lawson 'Psych'   'Lassie Jerky': Lassiter 'has great feelings' for Juliet, says star Timothy Omundson“Psych” gave viewers a rare peek into Detective Lassiter’s heart on Wednesday night’s (March 13) episode, titled “Lassie Jerky.” Star Timothy Omundson tells Zap2it that Lassiter’s remarks about O’Hara being the best partner he ever had and how her “heroics cannot be overstated” were Lassie speaking from the heart.

“[Lassiter] has great feelings and admiration for the lovely Juliet O’Hara,” says Omundson. “It’s
so nice that James [Roday] wrote something where he gets to express that. It’s
like you get a character drunk and they get to reveal their heart — you
put Lassiter in the situations that Roday put Lassiter in and it all
comes out.”
“Granted, he was passing out from blood loss,” laughs Omundson. “But suddenly he’s
no longer guarded because his brain is literally shutting down. He’s
about to die, or so he thinks, so it was a very nice chance to get to
say some nice things.”

“O’Hara is the closest relationship that Lassiter has. If this guy could have a best friend, which he’s only mildly capable of, it’s O’Hara,” Omundson continues. “Other than Marlowe coming into his life, since his divorce, [O’Hara] is really one of the few women he speaks to other than the occasional disastrous date.”

What we wouldn’t give for a reel of Lassiter’s disastrous dates. “Psych” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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