Tomorrow night, quirky dramas Psych and Monk return with all-new episodes, and because KTV correspondent Marisa Roffman is such a die hard fan of both series, she gladly previewed their mid season premieres, so we’d all know what to expect. Read on for her report…

Psych – "Six Feet Under the Sea"
Shawn and Gus, one of TV’s best bromances, is back

and maybe even more funny than before. This Friday, when a famous sea lion is found dead after being released into the

wild, the guys will make it their mission to figure out why. Of course, they’ll quickly realize the case may be tied to

something much more dangerous than they anticipated. Our dynamic duo will get caught in an Out of Sight-like moment — I’m sure you can guess which of them

Shawn will say is the Clooney and which is the J. Lo — and yes, arrested too. Fortunately for them, there’s a pretty lady named April who will come to their aid on the case. Unfortunately for them, they’ll feel the need to fight over her affection.

And where is Juliet while all this is happening? Well, Shawn getting close to April will not stop Jules from becoming her BFF. And like any good BFF

would, April will recognize the unspoken spark between J&S… So, will she walk away? Or get in the way? …Which would you prefer to see?

What’s ahead this season: Lassie’s in big trouble, which means Shawn and Gus to the

rescue! And you just know he’s going to hate every second of their

help… Cybill Shepherd will be returning as Shawn’s mom, as will Rachael

Leigh Cook as Shawn’s high school crush, and Justine Bateman turns up

later too. Plus, a serial killer sets his sights on Shawn…

Monk – "Mr. Monk’s Other Brother"
As the episode title suggests, we’re about to meet Monk’s long-lost half-brother,

Jack Jr. (Steve Zahn). However, the sibling reunion will not be pretty, to say the least.

Not only will Jack Jr. break out of prison — he’ll escape through a

sewer which will go over really well with Monk, as I’m sure you can imagine — but he’ll also be accused of killing someone post-escape. Eeek.

Monk’s relationship with Jack Jr. will definitely start

off rocky — that’s what happens when you introduce yourself to your

half-brother by breaking into his house — but they’ll eventually bond and Monk will agree to help clear the name of his little bro. And if you bond with J Jr., you’ll be happy to hear that I’m quite sure we’ll see him make a return appearance in Monk’s life

before the series ends its run next year.

P.S. Fans of the Monk/Natalie

relationship should look forward to a nice little moment at the end of the


What’s ahead this season: Monk gets hired by his childhood bully, takes on a

magician, and tries to prevent the demolition of the place where his was wife killed. Also, look for lots of guest stars to pop up, including Bradley

Whitford, Gena Rowlands, Bob Costas and Julie Bowen.

Are you pumped to see Psych and Monk return? Speak up in the comments section…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh