psych fall season preview 'Psych' preview: Fall season marks turning point for Shawn and Juliet

Romance is hardly the focus of “Psych” — unless you count the chemistry between James Roday and Dul� Hill — but there has always been some sexual tension for Shawn (Roday) and Juliet (Maggie Lawson).

And barring the occasional flirtation or acknowledgment of possible interest, down the line, the show has been content not really going there for the last five seasons.

Until this summer’s finale when Shawn and Juliet shared a rather serious kiss. This complicates things on several levels. Juliet is currently seeing Declan (Nestor Carbonell), and the show has already been renewed for a sixth season. If the two actually do make it official, can they stretch the relationship out over another 23 episodes?

We’ll have a much better idea after the Nov. 10 mid-season premiere, “Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part,” which sees Shawn (sort of) coming clean about his feelings.

There’s also some crime-y stuff in there, with Cary Elwes returning as art thief (and possible murderer) Pierre Despereaux. The story brings the entire cast to Canada, which, conveniently, means they get to stop pretending that they aren’t already in Canada.

In the opening scene, taking place immediately after the summer’s cliffhanger-ish finale, Shawn relays his emotional epiphany to Buzz:

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