psych season 7 finale anthony michael hall 'Psych' Season 7 finale: Harris Trout in, Chief Vick out“Psych” went out in Season 7 with a less dramatic cliffhanger than a year ago when Henry was shot, but there are certainly bigger implications for the next season.

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Harris Trout (guest star Anthony Michael Hall) swept into the station to do an audit of the team’s … creative way of solving cases and decided that Jules, Lassie, Shawn and Gus are all suspended, after they recount the Case of the Week for him.

Of course, they won’t let something so petty as a suspension stop them, so they solve the case anyway, which is exactly what Chief Vick was hoping they would do. But the collateral damage is that Vick is out and Trout is the interim chief.

Now, Vick says her suspension is only six months, but we know that Trout is still around for Season 8 because the cast has tweeted pics of Hall on set. So clearly they aren’t just time-jumping the six months.

But this is the “Psych” world, so we don’t fear too much for Chief Vick. We bet our Karen will be back in charge in no time.

However, Lassiter is no longer head detective (that should go well) and the department is no longer hiring psychics. Dun dun dun! Will Shawn have to work in a non-psychic capacity in Season 8?

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Henry met Felicia, a cute girl at the Memorial Day Fun Run. We hope that pops back up next season. It’d be nice to see him with someone for more than an episode.
  • Meet Bad News Marvin Barnes. Hee!
  • Chief Vick: “McNab’s a stripper?!”
    Lassiter: “You were so hammered at the bachelorette party, you wouldn’t remember.”
  • “Not even on a good hair day when he’s not sick does Leo pull that.”

What did you think of the “Psych” season finale?

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