psych season 7 finale no trout about it 'Psych' Season 7 finale   'No Trout About It': A game changing cliffhanger and 6 more things to look forward to“Psych” has almost ended its seventh season, with just two new episodes left. The season finale, “No Trout About It,” caps off a stellar run, so we’ve got some teases for you about how everyone’s favorite detectives close out Season 7.

  • Anthony Michael Hall guest stars as Harris Trout, a consultant brought in to take a hard look at the department and its, shall we say, unconventional ways of doing police work.
  • The Case of the Week ends (starts?) with a rather awesome car crash, then is revealed through a series of flashbacks.
  • At the scene of the crash, Henry has a rather interesting encounter that does not get resolved during the finale. Fingers crossed the show picks that thread up in Season 8.
  • Remember in the “Go On” finale (you should remember, because you should have watched it, it was a great show), Ryan scattered cake mix instead of his wife’s ashes? Shawn tries to pull that gag — in a different way.
  • There’s a great callback to Marlowe’s bachelorette party. Oh, drunk Chief Vick. We love you so.
  • Speaking of Chief Vick, we thought we could not love her more. But we were wrong. After this episode, we love her even more.
  • The cliffhanger ending isn’t quite as dramatic as Henry being shot last year, but it actually leaves us with many more questions than the Season 6 finale. It’s a game-changer, Psych-Os.

“Psych” airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA, with the season finale coming your way on May 29.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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