psych season 7 premiere santabarbaratown 2 lethal weapon 5 'Psych' Season 7 premiere: 'Santabarbara Town 2, Lethal Weapon 5' has Shawn and Gus back with a bang“Psych” has returned to us, Psych-Os! What did you think of “Santabarbara Town 2, Lethal Weapon 5”?

We loved it. There were so many fun aspects to the episode, but here are a few highlights for us:

  • We never really thought Henry was going to die, but we had no idea crazy Chelsea (Arden Myrin) would be back to harass him in the hospital. Outstanding.
  • Shawn going “off the deep end,” as Steve Franks described it to us, was awesome to watch. He’s usually such a goofball, but this time Shawn was out for blood. He was still his quirky self, but Shawn was obviously taking this case extremely seriously, since his dad’s life was on the line, and that was great to see. He has definitely grown as a character over these seven seasons.
  • In line with that, it was a lot of fun to see the Chief and Lassiter encouraging Shawn on his quest to defy the FBI and take down the bad guys himself, especially Lassie. Lassie loves Shawn!
  • Can the blueberry be fixed? So sad for the blueberry.
  • Shawn and Juliet continue to be adorable — “big fat kisses.”
  • The split-beard costume might be the worst disguise (and most hilarious sight gag) this show has ever done.
  • Which Gus name did you like better, Gurn Blanston or Satchel Gizmo?

In writing and filming the Season 7 premiere, EP Franks tells Zap2it that it was a joy to write Shawn in this episode, and they wish they could’ve done more.

“It was one of those things where I wish we could’ve pushed him further, but I think we pushed him as far as we could within the limits of the show,” says Franks. He also adds that writing the scene between Chief Vick and Shawn was a lot of fun.

“There are a lot of dynamics going on on the show and one of which is most people telling Shawn not to do something. Traditionally it would be the scene where the Chief of Police demands that they stop going off the rail,” says Franks.

“What a fun twist that the Chief is like, ‘You know what? You be the one who goes and gets this guy,’ but of course she can’t officially say that, so it gave us a really fun dynamic to play with. Kirsten Nelson was just great in that scene.”

Moving forward, Franks teases his own cameo in Season 7, so be on the lookout for that, and he also adds, “I think people will be surprised by finding out what happens to Henry.”


What did you think of the Season 7 premiere of “Psych”?

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