psych season 7 premiere santabarbara town 2 'Psych' Season 7 premiere: Shawn goes 'off the deep end,' says EP Steve Franks“Psych” returns after a year-long hiatus for its seventh season Wednesday night (Feb. 27) on USA. Executive producer Steve Franks teases what fans can look forward to in the premiere and going forward.

When we last left our “Psych” team, Henry had figured out that his old cop pals were corrupt and was shot because of what he found out. Franks tells Zap2it he hopes the “Psych” fans are concerned about Henry’s survival.

“I hope that they’re worried,” laughs Franks. “Otherwise, we haven’t done our jobs.”

“You know, things never really end up too terribly in the world of ‘Psych,’ but that would be a crazy thing, right? If we did kill him off?”

It would be particularly devastating in the wake of Henry and Shawn having such a great connection in the Season 6 finale.

“I loved that moment just before Henry leaves, it’s so heartbreaking that they finally have this moment of connection and in the next scene he gets shot,” says Franks. “That’s so powerful and Corbin is just so good in that scene. It would be such a shame to kill him off after all that. But hopefully we’ve made it seem like there’s a chance we actually do it.”

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One thing that Henry being shot does provide for the Season 7 premiere is a chance for Shawn to have even bigger stakes than he normally would have in a case — and he doesn’t handle it well.

“We thought, ‘What would Shawn’s reaction to this be?'” says Franks. “How fun to have the opportunity to have Shawn really go off the deep end a little bit. It just made writing the episode so much fun. It’s always great when in Season 7, you can see a really different side of your main character.”

So, does Henry survive? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

As for the rest of Season 7, Franks divulges that there are some great surprises in store.

“I think people will be surprised with Anthony Michael Hall and who he plays and how he comes into our world. There’s going to be some fun surprises with Lassiter as well,” says Franks. “I think the biggest surprise, that most people are going to love the most, is my cameo this season for three and a half seconds. You’re gonna have to look for it. But that’s really going to be what defines this season.”

“Psych” returns Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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