kristy swanson tim omundson psych truck things up baby 'Psych' Season 8: Marlowe and Lassiter have their baby in 'Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up'Once the beginning of “Psych’s” final season dropped the bombshell that Det. Lassiter (now Chief Lassiter!) was going to be a father, we were hoping the season would get to the episode where the baby comes — and it did, with “Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up.”

In grand “Psych” tradition, the birth was hilariously absurd, with the gang careening through the streets of Santa Barbara in a food truck en route to the hospital with Henry delivering Marlowe’s baby, Gus passed out from the sight and Shawn trying to be helpful but mostly just screaming a lot.

It’s also perfect and adorable that Lassiter and Marlowe bought Henry’s house and little Lily Nora is going to grow up in Shawn’s room. Awww.

Best Lines:

Gus: “Do not go all Sean Penn in ‘Mystic River’ on me.”

Shawn: “Seems like just yesterday.”
Gus: “It was yesterday. The taco massage was yesterday.”
Lassiter: “Please be finished.”

Lassiter: “I’ve waged a war against the food truck industry for the last year and a half.”
Gus: “Because the war on drugs, poverty and terror were too low-stakes for you?”

Gus: “But remember, the best lessons come from ‘Rosemary’s Baby.’ If baby Lassiter comes out with Beelzebub eyes, think about what’s best for the world.”

Shawn: “With a little bit of branding, social media campaigns and some strategically-leaked nude photos, we can be celebrity food truck owners. Now c’mon, drop trou and take a quick selfie of your buns.”
Gus: “What are you talking about, Shawn? I’m not doing that.”
Shawn: “I’ll just use the one I already have.”

Gus: “We broke the first rule.”
Shawn: “We got high on our own supply.”

Gus: “It’s sous chef, not shoe chef.”
Shawn: “Any chance I’ve heard it both ways?”

Luther: “I’m a musical theatre major, you think I’m going to risk these jazz hands?”

Henry: “Are you crying?”
Shawn: “Yes, but not because of you. I think Marlowe’s breaking all the tiny little bones in my hand.”



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