psych 100th episode party 'Psych': Season 8, the musical episode and more dish from Dule Hill and Steve Franks“Psych” creator Steve Franks and star Dule Hill spoke with the press Tuesday (Feb. 19), dishing on Season 7, Season 8 and the upcoming musical episode.

“I can’t wait for people to see what Season 7 has in it. It’s the ultimate heights that we’ve reached on this show in several places,” says Franks. “For the most part, the quality has gone up once again. I’m excited. I think it’s a high standard to go into Season 8.”

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“In Season 8, we want to push the envelope a little further,” he adds. “To me, the biggest surprise after seven years of doing this is that it keeps getting better. Nobody’s slowing down. We’re discovering new things to do. I don’t know any other shows, that far into their run, going into eight years, that can say that. We’re happy to do this as long as they’ll let us.”

maggie lawson psych season 7 'Psych': Season 8, the musical episode and more dish from Dule Hill and Steve FranksAs far as what might happen with Maggie Lawson being cast in a pilot, Franks has nothing but happiness for her.

“We want to make sure the show is what the show is and we haven’t wanted to begrudge anybody a tremendous opportunity,” says Franks. “Maggie Lawson’s opportunity is just off the charts. It’s a sad day when this show ends, but I have no doubt that every cast member is going to do something even larger than this show.”

One of the big treats of Season 7 is the highly anticipated musical episode, which it turns out won’t even be airing during Season 7.

“The good and bad of the musical is, the good is the
network was blown away when we screened it for them … the bad is that
they said this has to air on its own,” says Franks. “It’s going to be a
special two-hour event sometime after the season, maybe much later in
the year.”

“[Franks] really came and knocked it out of the park,” adds star Dule Hill. “We had our normal 14 days to shoot two hours, so on behalf of the cast, I will say we all were very impressed by the job that he did.”

On behalf of all “Psych”-Os, we would like to say that while we hate waiting on the musical episode, this has only whet our appetites for how amazing it’s going to be.

clue episode psych 100 clues 'Psych': Season 8, the musical episode and more dish from Dule Hill and Steve FranksAnother episode we are dying to see is the “Clue” episode, which Hill says was easily the best part about the season.

“The ‘Clue’ episode, our 100th episode, ‘100 Clues’ … it was a wonderful experience. Being with that caliber of actors, doing the ‘Clue’ episode with so much of the cast of ‘Clue,’ which some hadn’t seen each other since they finished filming,” says Hill. “That was just icing on the cake for all the wonderful guest stars we’ve had over the years. Something I will remember as an actor for the rest of my life. That, by far, blows everything out of the water for the season.”

We can hardly wait. “Psych” returns for its seventh season on Wednesday, Feb. 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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