psych finale the break up dule hill 'Psych' series finale gives 'another world to go into,' says star Dule HillThe “Psych” series finale, titled “The Break-Up,” was anything but a break-up for fans. Instead, it was a beautiful way to send off the beloved SBPD characters — Lassiter running his own department (and destroying Shawn’s confessional DVD), Shawn proposing to Juliet and, of course, Shawn and Gus staying together.

Star Dule Hill tells Zap2it that it really couldn’t have ended any other way. “You’ve been on the journey with these two brothers over eight season
and to have them end up in two separate places would have been
disheartening, not only for the cast but also the ‘Psych’-Os, the fans
out there.”

He adds, “I was glad that it ended up being that they did not split up and be in two separate locations. It helps give us another world to go into.”

The world he refers to is the talks that are already emerging about a “Psych” movie, which creator Steve Franks and the cast say they’re on board with. Hill shares with Zap2it an idea about where he’d like to see the movie go.

“I would like to flip it up completely and say Shawn and Gus take New York,” says Hill. “For some reason, we end up there and then there’s something that causes Lassiter to get involved, whatever the case is. I think it’d be fun to see Lassiter in a whole new place, him dealing with New York brass would be pretty funny.”

“I’m sure as [Steve Franks] starts to wrap his mind around it,” Hill continues, “he’ll come up with something even more brilliant and he and [USA president] Chris McCumber will get together and figure out how to bring it to life. Because we’d love to do it.”

Finally, we had to ask Hill if there is anything over the eight seasons that he wanted to see Gus get to do that never came to fruition and he has two answers: Competitive speed-walking and a “Rocky” episode where Shawn is Rocky and Gus is Apollo Creed. Hee!

What did you think of “Psych’s” final episode, fans?

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