gus shawn despereaux psych 'Psych' stars: 'Clue' episode status, plus 'Indiana Jones,' 'The Shining,' 'The Bachelor' send upsJames Roday and Dule Hill of “Psych” spoke with the press Monday (Feb. 20) and, as huge fans of the movie, Zap2it had to ask about the status of the “Clue”-themed episode. Roday was quick to assure us it has not been abandoned.

“That I can say with a reasonable degree of confidence is still happening,” says Roday. “The reason that we were unable to do it in Season 6 was sort of a perfect storm of scheduling issues with some of the pieces of talent that I think we can all agree you have to have on board. We basically just put a pin in it and pushed it to Season 7, if there was going to be a Season 7. And now that there is one, barring some unforeseen glitch, you’re going to get your ‘Clue’ episode.”

Yay!  So excited!

The fellas were also not shy in teasing the homage episodes we can look forward to, starting with the return of Despereaux in an “Indiana Jones”-themed episode.

“Cary’s the real deal, I would probably say it’s my favorite of the Despreaux episodes. It was a good time,” says Roday. “Sort of a Spielberg adventure, swinging from things and running and blowing up boats. To jam 50% more action than we’ve had in the past … I also got to work with Madchen Amick, who was my first TV crush.”

“Indiana Shawn” is followed up with “Here’s Lassie,” which is directed by Roday.

“We’ve got an episode called ‘Here’s Lassie,’ which is our tribute to ‘The
Shining,'” says Roday. “Not so much the book, more the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation
of the book. I think the highlight is easily Dule Hill’s impression of
Shelley Duvall. Everyone look forward to that.”

“Gus Duvall is in the house,” adds Hill.

“We also send up ‘The Bachelor,’ that comes later in the season,” Roday continues. ” The reality looking-for-love thing, and then we close the season with a little nod to Chinatown, which we call ‘Santabarbaratown.'”

The guys also tease some guest stars we can look forward to, including Lou Gossett Jr. and the returns of William Shatner, Jaleel White and Anthony Anderson.

“Psych” returns on Leap Day, Wednesday, Feb. 29 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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