psych 100th episode 100 clues 'Psych's' 100th episode has 'a lot of great surprises,' says EP Steve FranksIt’s almost, here, “Psych”-Os. The 100th episode of everyone’s favorite psychic detective and cohorts. Star Tim Omundson has already teased for Zap2it that the episode is a “tour de force,” and executive producer Steve Franks completely agrees.

“Our homage to ‘Clue’ — it’s really bouncy and fun. The energy of that episode is really infectious,” says Franks. “I’m so proud and excited about that one. The first five episodes this year are just really phenomenal. On a level I don’t think we’ve ever done.”

As huge fans of “Clue” and also “Twin Peaks,” we had to ask if the “Clue”-themed episode will live up to “Dual Spires” in terms of being a treat for aficionados. Franks tells us that it’s an homage in a different way.

“They’re different things,” says Franks. “The ‘Clue’ episode is an homage in the sense that it’s a big house with a bunch of rooms and it’s a stormy night. It’s not as distinct and broad and specific as ‘Twin Peaks’ was.”

“But it’s so much fun and so wonderfully done … there’s so many wonderful things, Christopher Lloyd and Martin Mull and Lesley Ann Warren. There’s a lot of great surprises and fun things that happen in the episode,” says Franks.

We can back him up — we’ve seen (most of) the episode and it is a ton of fun. But we can’t wait to tune in and see which ending the fans choose while the show is airing. We know who we’re voting for.

“Psych’s” 100th episode airs Wednesday, March 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

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