“Psych” star Dule Hill stopped by “The Chew” Monday (Jan. 27), where he helped make some spaghetti carbonara and gave host Carla Hall some tap-dancing lessons — he’s currently starring on Broadway in “After Midnight,” a show about Harlem’s famed Cotton Club — in addition to giving a few insights into his days as Charlie on “The West Wing.”

When asked about the infamous Aaron Sorkin walk-and-talk shots, Hill says, “It was only terrifying if you were the last person to come into the scene. If you were doing a four-page walk-and-talk and you have to come in and say, ‘Here you go, Mr. President,’ that is the most nerve-wracking thing.” He then mimes what happens when you screw up that whole long shot and everybody has to start over. See it in the video above — it’s very funny.

Hill also says he’s in touch with many of his co-stars: “I keep in touch with Martin [Sheen], Rob Lowe, Mary McCormack just emailed me the other day, Allison Janney. Janel Moloney came to see ‘After Midnight,’ Melissa Fitzgerald came to see it; Josh Malina, we talk trash on Twitter all the time.”

Finally, Hill teases what viewers can look forward to this season on “Psych”: “This season is more about the choices these characters are going to make in terms of what they want to do with the next stage of their life. At the end of last season, Anthony Michael Hall came in and threw things all upside-down. There will be more laughs, more hijinks, Gus crying a lot, Gus screaming, Gus running fast.” 

Watch below as Hill teaches Carla some dance steps. “Psych” airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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