Looks as if Kate Gosselin’s new book “Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals Into Memories,” will simmer on the back burner for a while. Maybe even forever.

Christian book publisher Zondervan has decided to hold off on publication. "Memories" had been set for a November release.

Why the delay?

]]>Maybe there just isn't quite as ravenous an appetite now for "an inside look at one of America's most close-knit families"?

The book is said to feature Kate's recipes, tips on organic meals and "meaningful mealtime blessings," according the publisher's site.

Blessings like, “Dear Lord, please smite my cheating wuss of a husband”?

A Zondervan rep says they plan to "work with Kate to reassess the schedule for her next book."


Her other books, "Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving With Twins and Sextuplets" and "Eight Little Faces," both published by Zondervan, were bestsellers.

This one, maybe not so much.

Will you buy this book if/when it comes out? And do you buy Kate Gosselin as the multiple Martha Stewart?

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