puppy bowl 8 Puppy Bowl 2012 starting lineup announced    prepare to swoonYeah, we’re aware that there’s a major sporting event scheduled to air on NBC Feb. 5. But today, we’re much more concerned with the other big game happening on Super Bowl Sunday: The eighth annual Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

The two-hour TV event features rescue and shelter puppies from across the country (cast in part thanks to Petopia.com) doing puppy things together and occasionally getting called for “Unneccessary Ruff Ruff Ruffness” and “Unpuppylike Conduct.” Um, can we make that latter penalty an actual thing in the NFL? It would make consistently delaying the East Coast airing of “The Good Wife” much more delightful.
This year’s crop of pups features a variety of breeds — from Dachsund to Beagles and beyond — with amazing fun facts. Calvin likes to restore classic cars and Eurika never misses her favorite show, “Bones.” You can check out the entire 2012 starting lineup over at Animal Planet’s site
The event will also feature a piggy pep squad and the famed Kitten Halftime Show, all with aerial shots from the hamster-piloted Puppy Bowl blimp. The game will be live-tweeted by Meep the bird. (Really.)
Since the Puppy Bowl is shot in October, all the dogs have been adopted into loving homes by now. Pity the editors who had to sift through hours of footage of adorable small animals playin’ around on a tiny football field. A really arduous job, we imagine.
“Puppy Bowl VIII” airs Sunday, Feb. 5 at 3 p.m. on Animal Planet.
Posted by:Jean Bentley