Glancing around the

Arclight Dome yesterday — where the Paley Festival was honoring ABC’s “Pushing Daisies” — you would’ve never guessed that the event was a somewhat somber occasion, given the fact that “PD” was canceled a while back.

KTV intern Marisa Roffman described the energy as electric, the room filled with people who had camped out

hours beforehand in the hopes of getting the best possible seats. Why? Because the last three episodes of the show — which have yet to air on television — were about to be screened.

Though series creator Bryan

Fuller was the only person scheduled to introduce the eps, cast members Chi McBride (Emerson) and Ellen Greene (Vivian), plus exec producer and sometimes-director Barry

Sonnenfeld, joined him onstage, giving fans an extra thrill.

But prior to Bryan being introduced, the audience watched a clip specially selected for this particular Paley crowd: a

scene from “Wonderfalls,” another short-lived, much-beloved Bryan

Fuller series, which happened to costar “PD” lead Lee Pace. The cheers from the

audience indicated full approval.

When Bryan got behind the mic, he noted that “Twin Peaks”

had about the same number of episodes as “Daisies,” so “Daisies” is in

good company with other cult shows.

When it was

Chi’s turn to talk, he joked that they were going to be handing out

pitchforks and torches after the panel so all the fans could storm the ABC offices

in protest of “PD”‘s cancelation.

But Ellen pretty much broke everyone’s heart when she spoke.

“I’m sad that I’m standing here [for the end of the show],” she

admitted. She told us that as much as the fans loved these characters,

the people who worked on “Pushing Daisies” loved the characters and the world

even more. She could barely hold back tears as she thanked fans for

trying to save the series.

It was clear just how much everyone involved with the show

appreciated the fan support. 45 minutes before the

panel started, the show’s composer, Jim Dooley, and a seven-piece band

played music for the gathering crowd. The cast threw out t-shirts to the

audience in the theater. And during the intermission, Bryan and Ellen

raffled off several props and behind the scenes stuff, which some

lucky viewers got to take home.

But of course, the main event was the screening of the final three episodes,

“Window Dressed to Kill,” “Water and Power” and “Kerplunk” (which will air on ABC starting May 30).

“Window Dressed to Kill” is pretty Olive-centered, as two important men, who we were previously unaware of, reappear in her life. Randy Mann

(played by David Arquette) also pops back up.

Meanwhile, Ned finds himself questioning whether he can just live a

Clark Kent-type life, and ignore his Superman abilities. Without

Ned working his magic, Emerson realizes that solving a case can be quite

difficult, but he gets some unexpected help. By the way, there is some interesting

Ned/Olive stuff in this episode for fans of that duo. Oh, and

Kristin Chenoweth-philes will be happy to know that KC sings during this hour.

“Water and Power” is Emerson-centric as we learn his baby mama is the prime suspect in a

murder he’s investigating. Because all Emerson wants is

to reconnect with his daughter, things get complicated.

“Kerplunk”…well I almost don’t want to say anything about it, because you should really just see it for yourself. What I will

share is that Vivian and Lily play a large role in the episode. Bryan told the

audience that the original ending of “Kerplunk” faded to black — as it

was intended to be merely a cliffhanger, not a series finale — but once he

realized “PD” was officially canceled, he decided to wrap things up the best way he could with basically no money… the closure scenes include a special effect sequence that should

have cost $90,000, but it was done for only $8,000. Major props to the behind-the-scenes crew who made it happen.

Be prepared, if you’re a fan of the show, you will shed tears as the final moments of “Pushing

Daisies” play out. You’ll wonder what could have been.

But despite the fact that “Kerplunk” was a sort of makeshift series finale, the “PD” people managed to tie up loose ends pretty

well. There are of course some

things that aren’t quite resolved, but the

“Pushing Daisies” comic book series which launches later this year will help answer those questions and probably raise more. Fuller recently signed with DC Comics, agreeing to do 12 issues which center around Chuck, Ned, Emerson and Olive versus 1,000 corpses. “It becomes a zombie [story],” he told E! Online. “But the zombies are articulate and smart and

can do things that no other zombies can do.”

As for the TV show, the audience

gave it a standing ovation as the credits rolled. “Long live, “Pushing Daisies!” Fuller yelled as the event ended.

Will you buy the comics and continue to be a fan?

–Reporting by Marisa Roffman

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh