Tomorrow, ABC’s Wednesday night lineup of Pushing Daisies, Private Practice and Dirty Sexy Money returns and I must admit that I’m psyched. In awe of every one of Pushing Daisies‘ first season episodes — you must watch it in HD if you have the chance — it will be nice to check back in with Ned, Chuck, Olive and crew, and to spend an hour in their technicolor fantasy world. As for Private Practice, I think you’ll agree that the writers strike was a real blessing to them. The show has been reworked for the better and is definitely worth checking out… as is DSM. The Darlings continue to amuse and everything that Peter Krause does is magic, God bless him. Curious to know what you can expect? Keep reading…

Dirty Sexy Money
One of the Darlings is dying in the season premiere. One of the Darlings is arrested on suspicion of murder. And one of the Darlings is making out with a George (hint: the two have a past, so this is not something we couldn’t see coming).

Private Practice
Addison is still torn between Pete and the cute cop, played by Gilmore Girls‘ Christopher. Naomi is still confused by her feelings for both Sam and Dell… and she’s also hiding something quite serious. Cooper and Charlotte’s relationship is moving forward, while Cooper and Violet’s relationship has taken a real step back. And someone we know and love is quitting the practice.

Pushing Daisies
life is changing. She will move out of Ned’s house and land a job.  And
though the Pie Maker is heartbroken over her absence, he’ll find a way
to be near her. As for Chuck’s aunt/secret mother, Lily, she’s sending
Olive — who now knows the truth about her — away indefinitely. What
else? Well, Vivian’s going on a date. Emerson Cod’s writing a kids
book! And Ned’s bearing his chest for a nice little shirtless scene!

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh