and we learn if all the girls can put aside their differences and work as a group. Don’t hold your breath.


After last week’s elimination, Charlye, Nichole and Tiffanie talk about how Carrie shouldn’t have gone home and insinuated that Natalie or Chrystina should’ve gone instead. As soon as they got home, the those two went into their room and shut all the doors while the other three went romping about the house. Tiffanie remarks that Natalie and Chrystina talk a lot of trash but can’t take it.

The next morning, Nichole is doing her hair in a giant mirror alongside Natalie and Chrystina  who are talking about how some girls (read: themselves) are prettier than the others and that gives them an edge. Naturally Nichole tells the other girls, which gets them in a but ruffled.

The oddly shot video comes on in the living room and introduces this week’s challenge – Public Image. Natalie is stoked because she’s the queen of playing herself up. They meet with Robin and the talent team and are told that they’ll be performing "Buttons" in one group as well "How Many Times, How Many Lies." Both are Pussycat Doll songs because it’s all about cross-promotion. Robin says that they should really work together and try to vibe so she forces them to group hug.

Dance rehearsal is way rough. Their energy is low and they’re gelling at all so co-choreographer Mikey Minden really cracks the whip. During vocal rehearsal, Kenn Hicks has Tiffanie and Chrystina harmonize during one part. Kenn also notices the tension and tells them they have to make it work. He tells them that it’s not about who’s got what part, it’s about how they come together as a group. This forced teamwork thing may just explode like a Michael Bay movie.

Robin tells them that their challenge will be handling a media tour including a radio and television interviews. The radio portion is first. Tiffanie and Natalie field the "You guys are fighting for the same dream" and "What if you’re in a group of people you don’t get along with" questions well. They’re then asked to sing live and everyone does well…until Chrystina forgets her lyrics. That’s not a surprise because she’s had that problem in rehearsals for weeks.

Next up is the TV interview on Extra with Mark McGrath, meaning he gets 5 extra minutes of screen time this week. Chrystina chokes again, poor thing. Robin comes over to the couch and lets them know that they’ll each be filming a promo with Mark – a test to see how well they deal with the teleprompter and putting some personality to it. All the girls did well, though Tiffanie flirted a bit with Mark afterwards which got a face from Robin, though I don’t know what the face meant.

Back at the house, Robin lets them know the winner of the challenge – it’s Natalie. She doesn’t get immunity but she does get the honor of her promo being shown on TV.

Afterwards, the girls gather together and agree to get over their issues and come together as a group. They sit around and hash it out and finally reach a peace accord. Well, everyone but Charlye and it really shows as they rehearse afterwards.

It’s performance day and the girls sing "How Many Times, How Many Lies" first. Charlye starts the song off, then Tiffanie, Nichole, Natalie, and Chrystina. You know, something about the live performances has really been bothering me for weeks. I know they’re singing live but there’s something about the way the audio sounds that makes it seem pre-recorded or dubbed or something. It’s annoying. At any rate, the first number sounded really good. After a set and wardrobe change, the girls perform "Buttons." It was good…I think. It was shot weird so I couldn’t really see the dance steps. All the girls got good remarks, though Charlye was tagged for not really meshing with the group.

During elimination, Natalie is saved first followed by Tiffanie and Nichole. Charlye is told by Robin that they’re impressed by her singing and dancing and such but question whether her heart is really into it. Chrystina is told that they can tell that she really wants this but maybe there hasn’t been enough time for her talent to mature. 

Chrystina haas been told that she’s been saved. The girls all cry for various reasons and go out and hug…and then Robin says that Charlye is safe too. They couldn’t decide who to give the boot so they’re pushing both girls through.

So, next week is the finale. Should Charlye have been sent home for not joining the peace accord or do you like the idea of a "Final Five," a second chance for everybody? Who do you think should be in the group?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks