We’re down to the final half-dozen on Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious. Soon, very soon, we’ll find out which girls will make it into the scintillating, exciting group no one’s talking about.


This week’s oddly avant garde video message tells the girls that their challenge is about "Star Quality" – the ability to stand out in a crowd and turn heads and blah blah blah. Sometimes when I watch these things, I feel like I’m watching an old Egoiste commercial (the one with the ladies randomly opening old-timey shuttered windows and yelling "Egoiste!" into European alleyways).

When they go to meet Robin, she tells them that the weakest member will go home. Tiffanie, Charlye and Chrystina are put in the first group to be singing "Thirteen Men" while Nichole, Natalie and Carrie will be singing "Sway," both songs performed in the Pussycat Doll lounge shows.

Since there are so few girls left, that whole "Enemy Camps" vibe they have going is finally starting to take its toll. Chrystina’s really upset by being in the group with her two sworn enemies and Natalie tries to comfort her.

Carrie has some vocal blending issues during dance rehearsal and Mikey wonders if she can be part of a group or if she’s an individual artist. It seems to me if she was with two other girls with strong voices, it may not be as much of an issue. Chrystina, for the second week in a row, is messing up the lyrics and is just really discombobulated by being in the group she’s in. Robin tells them that they need to learn how to get along and bond somehow because this may end up being the group. In other words, she told them to suck it up and get over themselves.

Robin wakes the girls up the next morning and packs them into a van for a surprise trip to the marina. The purpose is to shoot a video for the single "Leave Me Alone" they recorded for the vocal challenge. Directed by Robin’s brother Steven Antin, they’ll be filming on a yacht – first in groups for the chorus and then individually for the verses.

They’re shuffled off to Mikey who teaches them the choreography in 20 minutes before they get into make-up, hair and wardrobe. Carrie, Natalie and Tiffanie shoot first. Carrie’s having issues matching the rest of the girls. The motion of the boat and the four inch heels they’re all wearing doesn’t help either. Nichole, Charlye and Chrystina are next. Chrystina’s problems are that she’s in the back and that she can’t be seen. And she’s still letting her strife with Charlye get to her.

Next they shoot solos. Natalie, Tiffanie, Nichole and Charley all do well. Carrie struggled a bit with the lip-sync as did Chrystina, who had worse issues than Carrie.

Robin gives the girls their feedback and shows them a rough cut of the video. It starts with the chorus and the winner is revealed during the verse – and it’s Charlye, much to Chrystina and Natalie’s chagrin. Ironically, Natalie says that she thinks Charlye’s talented but couldn’t be in a group with her because she’s so cocky. This from a girl who says that she’s pretty and being pretty is a talent. Chrystina admits that she was thrown even more off during the shoot by Charlye and Tiffanie laughing while she was filming.

During musical rehearsal with Kenn Hicks, he tells Carrie that her challenge this week is that she’s not going to be able to do her "rocker chick" style in this song. Chrystina struggles with her vocals too – but in a totally different way. Afterwards, she has a moment with Kenn who tells her to use the energy she has in not liking the other two and put it into the performance. Methinks telling Kenn that she and Natalie are best friends and it’s them against the other girls will bite them both in the buns later on.

Speaking of decisions that will later bite people in the buns, Natalie and Chrystina decide to relax and bond by taking a bubble bath together in a strictly platonic fashion. No, really. And this is while Natalie is supposed to be practicing with Nichole and Carrie who are in no way pleased about being blown off.

It’s performance time and host Mark McGrath makes his requisite appearance. This must be the easiest job ever. All he has to do is pop up for 20 minutes and memorize 5 lines. Also, Ron Fair is sporting yet another pimp fedora.

First up is Tiffanie, Chrystina and Charlye with "Thirteen Men," complete with guys dressed like sailors. Tiffanie opens up the song and does well, Chrystina did turn it around and learn her verses (though she looked…scared or distracted or something during pretty much the whole thing), and Charlye closes it out strong.

Nichole, Natalie and Carrie perform "Sway" last. Nichole and Natalie have the same type of voice – they’re good but not powerful (I like Nichole’s voice a little better though they’re virtually the same). Carrie, being the powerhouse she is, did a good job toning it down I think. Unfortunately, doing her solo they cut to Lil’ Kim and Ron Fair and they both had pensive face.

All three girls in the first group got positive marks, though I disagree with Lil’ Kim who said tonight was Chrytina’s night – maybe in the way that she’s improved after last week’s shaky showing but her facial expressions were distracting to me. In the other group, Carrie and Natalie are both told that they had some performance deficiencies.

At elimination, Charlye has immunity is automatically safe. Next, Nichole is saved, followed by Tiffanie and Chrystina. Carrie and Natalie are left in the bottom. Carrie is all smiles because her negative point is that she’s super talented but should she be in a group or a solo artist. Natalie’s negative is actually negative – she really needs the support of the group because she’s not strong enough by herself.

Unfortunately, Carrie is told to hang up her boa. Robin is far more upset than she is and sheds a few tears, asking half-jokingly "What are they going to do without you?" Carrie is disappointed by proud of her progress on the show. I’m sure she’ll only be disappointed for a short time. I get the feeling Ron Fair will try and sign her.

Should Natalie have been sent home instead? Would you want to see Carrie as a solo artist? Are they keeping Chrystina and Natalie around just to cause more drama?

Posted by:Tamara Brooks