Put on your top hat and grab your dancing shoes!

If you’re lucky and a VIP, you’re going to tonight’s fourth annual “A Fine Romance” event, co-hosted by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Hugh Jackman -– two of the sexiest singing-and-dancing stars in the musical universe.

Jackman is rumored to be starring in a remake of "Carousel," and, well, we all remember how great Zeta-Jones was in "Chicago." Jackman and Zeta-Jones will also hoof it together in a musical called "Cleo," a 1920s version of the life of Cleopatra, Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. This we gotta see.

Tonight’s event honors musicals from stage to screen and back again, and will be held on the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City.

Other stars sure tHughjackm_gge_12304842_600o shine: Amy Adams, Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Cumming, Sandy Duncan, Victor Garber (who is so marvelous in the upcoming “Milk”) Neil Patrick Harris and James Marsden.

The producers are Larry Mark and Dan Jinks, the director Adam Shankman and the music director John Maurici.

Some of the sponsors include: Hollywood Panasonic Lab, Reel FX Creative Studios, John Logan, MarketCast, Nielsen Entertainment, Zenith Optimedia, City National Bank, Paramount Pictures and Turner Classic Broadcasting.

The event benefits the Motion Picture & Television Fund, promoting the well-being of California’s entertainment community. The MPTF provides healthcare and child care, retirement care and charitable social services, with Country House and hospital, six health centers and the Samuel Goldwyn Foundation Children’s Center

For more information about MPTF visit

I’d be telling you exactly what happens at this event in the blog Saturday, but there’s absolutely, positively NO press allowed inside.

Darn it.

That should give you an idea of just how swanky, star-studded and annoyingly exclusive this annual Hollywood event is.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead