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Take that, Prince Harry! You can cause a stir and still keep your clothes on. Watch your grandmother to see how it’s done.

Following a grouse shoot on her Scottish estate recently, Queen Elizabeth II jumped into her Range Rover and tooled around the grounds wearing a hoodie. Or maybe it’s a scarf with a couple of bobby pins in the front securing it to her hair, but it sure looks like a hoodie.

The only thing that could have been more surprising is if she was seen at the local grocer with rollers in her hair and bunny slippers on her feet.

Photos snapped of the monarch quickly went viral and were featured on morning shows like  “Today.”

Fun fact: the queen is the only person in the U.K. who is allowed to drive without a license. But while she’s clearly licensed to ill, it’s still doubtful that she has a license to kill.

Posted by:Brill Bundy

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