queen latifah mammogram Queen Latifah gets her first mammogram to raise awareness for good health

Queen Latifah has been putting off a major important medical test for too long, and finally rectified it.

The host of “The Queen Latifah Show” got her first mammogram performed on Friday (Nov. 15). I got a mammogram on Friday, the first one I’ve ever got, and I was scheduled to do this a long time ago and then got an appointment and then work was so that it got away from me,” Latifah tells New York Daily News.

Latifah hopes that sharing her experience will raise awareness for others to take their health into their own hands. “I shared it was because I felt that other people had busy schedules and let something important like that just get away from them,” Latifah says.

After a story was published in the National Enquirer last month about her mom, Rita Owens, falling extremely ill under the headline “Queen Latifah Rocked by Family Tragedy,” Latifah addressed the “false” story and assured her fans that her mother is okay. “My mom is good,” Latifah says. “That report in the National Enquirer is completely incorrect. My mother’s not fighting lung cancer. That’s why you can’t believe the s*** you read, excuse my language. But we are going to deal with them on that.”

While Latifah says her mother did go through a rough patch health-wise, she is doing well now, despite what the magazine reported. “She has gone through some medical challenges and she’s doing pretty well, but she is here with me and I see her every day and she watches the show every day,” Latifah says. “She tells me [what] she really likes and ways that I can get better, so she’s still in my corner and holding me down.”

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum