Do not even point a camera at Quentin Tarantino! Seriously. And if he asks what you’re doing, for God’s sake, tell him. Or he just might go all "Grindhouse" on your sorry A.

Want proof?

Check out QT’s startling over-reaction to an annoying, but seemingly harmless, video pap hanging outside a Park City Starbucks during the Sundance Film Festival.

Frankly, if we were QT, which, thank heavens, we’re not, we’d be happy someone even recognized our filmmaker-judge mug. Especially at Sundance, where paps were focused on more famous faces such as Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton, Sharon Stone, Mary-Kate Olsen and Tom Arnold.

Click HERE! to witness QT’s impressive take-down. All done while holding a freshly brewed and steaming cafe venti!

Might wanna lighten up on that double-latte with foam, friendo.

Or you could end up in the room next to Britney at UCLA Medical Center, stat!

Photo Credits: WireImage


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead