quentin tarantino getty Quentin Tarantino loves 'Toy Story 3'; surprising 2010 favorites

Famed “Kill Bill” director Quentin Tarantino is telling everyone which flicks were his faves from 2010, and he’s not embarrassed to admit a love for heartwarming animation.
“Toy Story 3” stole the top spot on Tarantino’s list, beating out the critically acclaimed “The Social Network.” Mandy Moore‘s “Tangled” came in at No. 5, with “How To Train Your Dragon” holding down the No. 17 spot.
Other films receiving the Tarantino seal of approval include “True Grit,” “The Town,” “Kick-Ass” and “The Fighter.” 
His list, originally posted on the Tarantino Archives, includes a solid mix of blockbusters and low-budget films, as well as a few um… surprising titles. Not that we weren’t in stitches during “Jackass 3-D,” but somehow we just can’t picture the guy who brought us “Reservoir Dogs” laughing at a porta-potty catapult. Plus, was “Knight and Day” really that good?

You can see the complete list below, which also includes a surprising absence. Where’s “Black Swan”?
1. “Toy Story 3”
2. “The Social Network”
3. “Animal Kingdom”
4. “I Am Love”
5. “Tangled”
6. “True Grit”
7. “The Town”
8. “Greenberg”
9. “Cyrus”
10. “Enter the Void”
11. “Kick-Ass”
12. “Knight and Day”
13. “Get Him to the Greek”
14. “The Fighter”
15. “The King’s Speech”
16. “The Kids Are All Right”
17. “How to Train Your Dragon”
18. “Robin Hood”
19. “Amer”
20. “Jackass 3-D”

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci