The Hulu original series, “Quick Draw,” is a half-hour procedural comedy set in the Old West. It has, however, something of a modern sensibility to it. In this exclusive clip from Monday’s upcoming episode, we see that sensibility in a video for a “whiskey support group for not drinking whiskey.”

Part of episode 5 — available on Hulu starting on Monday (Aug. 26) — the clip shows what happens when the good citizens of Great Bend, Kansas gather together for what they thought was a group for drinking whiskey. Alas, it seems that the Alcoholics Anonymous model isn’t such a hit with the men (and woman) of the frontier.

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“Quick Draw” follows the crime-fighting adventures of Sheriff John Henry Hoyle (John Lehr) and his sidekick, Deputy Eli (Nick Brown) out on the frontier world of the Old West. Although Hoyle is a man of learning — and therefore suspect in this rough-and-tumble world — the townspeople gradually accept his sharp mind, forensic expertise and excellent shooting skills (not necessarily in that order).

Also starring Robert Clendenin, Ralph Garman, Alison Dunbar and Alexia Dox, new episodes of “Quick Draw” are available each Monday on Hulu.

Posted by:Laurel Brown