A bit of tube info before the weekend: Brothers & Sisters, Desperate Housewives, 90210, Eli Stone & Privileged. Enjoy…

BalthazargettyFamily Business: It was good to see Tommy and Sarah mend fences last Sunday, no? If you were pleased with that development, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Tommy truly has his family’s best interest at heart… and a shady plan up his sleeve that should shift control of the company away from Holly and back into Walker hands. The deal is scheduled to go down around mid season.

Fairview Fire Starter: As I’m sure you’ve already heard, Wisteria Lane will go up in flames this November, and I’m now being told that a neighborhood man we already know will be the authorities’ prime suspect.

Dylan Deja Vu:
Forget Ty and Ethan, there’s a new dude who will catch the eye of Annie and Naomi, coming to 90210. Word is, he likes them too and will openly date both ladies, creating a rivalry the likes of which we may have seen before.

Workplace Romance: Katie Holmes‘ Grace has gone off to Africa, Maggie’s still engaged and despite all the unresolved business between Eli and Taylor, her relationship with Matt will soon take a serious step forward… Wethersby, Posner & Klein will celebrate a pregnant associate later this season. But don’t cry for Eli and his lack of prospects… a secret about Maggie’s fiance may be revealed around November sweeps.

Privileged Help:
Though Privileged‘s back nine has not yet been ordered, rumor has it the network will give them a full season. That is very good news for the show’s resident chef/butler, Marco. Exec producer Rina Mimoun tells me they have plans to fully flesh out his character later in the year. We’ll eventually meet his boyfriend and see how that relationship affects the Baker family.

Alright, friends, gotta run, but please do me a favor and DVR the TV Guide special, TV’s All Time Best Villains, this Sunday. You may see someone you recognize talking about T-Bag, Baltar, Wilhelmina and maybe even Boss Hog. Holla… 

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh