Season’s Greetings, small-screen lovers. Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the holidays have just begun and I’ve got a few stocking-stuffer sized TV scooplets for you today. Please enjoy…

Damaged Dude:
For those die hard Damages fans who were put off by the flashy, Nip/Tuck-ian nature of the recently released season two promo, fear not. I’ve seen the first couple episodes and — with the exception of a weirdly campy, uncharacteristic scene in which Patty Hewes appears as a guest on Live with Regis & Kelly — the tone of the show remains tense and dark and continues to surprise with twists and turns. If January 7th is too long of a wait for you to hear more, check out the Damages season two preview I wrote this Summer, which is rife with scoop. And, let me add, the addition of Deadwood‘s Timothy Olyphant this year is a damn good one. Playing a guy whom Ellen meets in grief counseling, the two will have a sexual relationship. And it won’t be long before those twists and turns I was talking about begin to involve him.

In Treatment:
If you followed the first season of HBO’s In Treatment earlier this year, you know that a major highlight of the series was any scene involving the therapy of Sophie (Mia Wasikowska), a young gymnast with serious issues. Wasikowska probably won’t  appear in the show’s second season, which debuts next year, but I’m hearing Paul (Gabriel Byrne) will take on another young patient named Oliver. Similar to Sophie, Oliver seems to come from a divorced family and is quick to challenge Paul at times, seeing as he doesn’t want to be in therapy.

Rescue Flames Rekindled:
Back in July I mentioned that though Janet will still be dating that Dwight dude when Rescue Me returns in Spring 2009, she and Tommy will end up in bed together this season anyway… no surprise.  Perhaps a bit more unexpected? Tommy and Sheila will reignite their sexual relationship as well… and it won’t be one-time thing.

Big Banging: Turns out Penny may have an interest in scientists after all… ones with Nobel prizes, anyway. I’m told The Big Bang Theory‘s blonde next door will soon begin dating a sexy, young physicist who she meets through Leonard, much to Mr. Hofstadter’s chagrin…

Happy Holidays, my friends. Don’t forget, if you’re looking to get into the spirit of the season, ABC TwasthefightbeforechristmasFamily kicks off their 25 days of Christmas programming this evening, starting with a night of Dr. Suess. Every day they’ll have a new block of family friendly entertainment for you to check out, which is nice since so many other networks will be going into reruns soon…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh