Today, a small dose of TV scoop on Entourage, Life on Mars, 90210 and Prison Break

Back In The Fast Lane: Entourage won't return with new episodes till later this year, but I've got early info on what we can expect from season 6. Seems Vince's has-been streak really is over. The filming of Scorsese's Gatsby was a total success. We'll meet back up with the boys just as they're gearing up for the premiere, and by the way, Vince already has another feature project lined up… one that will force him to finally get his driver's license. As for E, word is, he's got a new steady lady in his life… even though he's far from over Sloan.

Love on Mars: Sam and Annie fans will be happy to hear that romance between the two police officers will definitely begin to develop in the second half of the Life on Mars season, which debuts tomorrow. But that doesn't mean Sam's 2008 lady, Maya, will disappear. Executive producer Josh Appelbaum tells me that because Lisa Bonet just had a baby and has been on maternity leave, we won't see Maya as much, however her character will return towards the end of the season with some interesting information that may rock Sam's world.

Dylan Part Deux: As I first mentioned back in October, Beverly Hills will welcome a new bad boy who's got his eye on both Naomi and Annie. From what I understand, we should meet said dude pretty soon and it seems he's got a lot in common with Dylan McKay: intelligent and well-read, wise beyond his years, and respected even by the guy whose ex-girlfriends he goes after. I'm told he and Ethan will become pals and maybe even smoke a little peyote together. Mhmm.

Prison Peeps: Prison Break won't return with its final stretch of eps till April, but when the crew does come back, you can expect to see a few old friends. Co-executive producer Zack Estrin and show runner Matt Olmstead recently whispered that familiar faces from the past will reappear. In the end, their goal is to tie everything together, creating the feel of one cohesive story instead of four individual seasons. Anyone in particular you'd like to see pop up?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh