Amypoehler Exclusive Amy Poehler spin off rumors, news on 24‘s Karen Hayes & Audrey Raines, House‘s Cam & Chase, not to mention a little 90210 surprise? Oh, good stuff today, my friends. Very good stuff…

The Amy Poehler Project: Once billed as The Office spin off — which we now know is not a spin off, yet still created by The Office‘s producers — I’m not sure what to call Poehler’s upcoming NBC sitcom. However, I do have exclusive details on the concept of the series, which has been kept under wraps for quite some time. Are you ready? A couple nosy moles tell me that, like The Office, it’s basically documentary style. Set in the parks & recreation department of a local city government in some podunk town, Poehler will play a delusional employee, totally unaware that she doesn’t work in high ranking politics. And of course there will be supporting players around to make fun of her foolish idiocy. Sound too much like another show we already know? Well, I’m hearing that the writers are currently tweaking the concept a bit, but this is the general idea. Any thoughts? I’ll give anything with A.P. a shot. 


Twenty(four) Questions: With Kiefer Sutherland and company running around FOX’s TCA events yesterday, many of our burning queries regarding the Monday night drama were posed and answered. Among them? Karen Hayes (Jayne Atkinson) is still happily married to Bill Buchanan, however we won’t see her in the flesh this season because Atkinson’s busy on Broadway… If Tony Almeida is alive, could Michelle Dessler (Reiko Aylesworth) reappear too? Nope. Show runner Howard Gordon says she’s "dead, dead, dead." They’re done dipping into that "resurrection pool"… As of now, we will not see Audrey Raines (Kim Raver) this season, but with Lipstick Jungle‘s cancelation making Raver available, producers are hoping to write her into next year’s batch of eps, as she and Kiefer have chemistry in spades… And speaking of chemistry, K. Sutherland is hot for his new FBI partner Renee Walker (Annie Wersching). Admitting that a palpable "tension," born out of mutual respect, develops between them as the season progresses, Kiefer said that Renee can handle herself as well as Jack can and if there’s anything that turns Jack on, it’s that. On a personal note, when K.S. saw Wersching film her first few fight scenes, he said that he was turned on too… 


House Sitter: I just ran into House E.P. Katie Jacobs who was kind enough to talk with me about Cameron taking over for Cuddy as Dean of Medicine and monitor of Dr. Gregory House this year. While Cameron’s new position won’t be a permanent one, it does pave the way for more Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer screen time. In fact, Jacobs told me that they have something cool planned for Chase and Cam before the end of the season. She said it’s stuff she hasn’t even talked to J&J about yet, so we’re getting the advanced word.

TV Fantasy Team: I spent last night on FOX’s TCA red carpet, so I haven’t yet seen this week’s 90210. However, Dustin Milligan (aka Ethan Ward) — clearly a fan of FOX, himself — sent me a little video message to share with you all anyway. But before you take a look, I’d just like to remind all DirecTV subscribers that the final season 3 episode of Friday Night Lights (aka the finest network TV drama ever) airs tonight. Jumping 5 months ahead, some of our favorite Dillon people are preparing to move forward and we’ll find out where they’re all going this evening… including Coach T, who may have some tough times in his future. 

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