: Some small-screen scoop to enhance your Thursday…

Upper East Side Secret: You know how Lily Bass (nee Van der
Woodsen) has been hiding something big? Well, I’m on to her and want to
spill the dirt so badly. But instead I’ll just say this: Seems Gossip Girl will be recycling a current 90210 storyline early next year… a storyline which involves a lover from Lily’s past whom we know pretty freakin’ well.

Birth Moms & Baby Daddies:
Remember Trish, the seriously put-together, pregnant (soon-to-be) brain surgeon whom we met on last Sunday’s episode of Brothers & Sisters? The one who told crazy Kitty she’d be giving her baby to a different adoptive couple? Well, she may have a change of heart. Sources tell me Trish will see the light and walk back into the McCallister’s life, delivering a bundle of joy for them in February… I’m also hearing that we haven’t seen the last of Holly’s baby daddy/Rebecca’s real father, David. Word is, Ken Olin will return to Brothers & Sisters early next year.

Office Gossip:
This week, EW‘s Michael Ausiello broke the news of Ryan the receptionist’s upcoming leave of absence — apparently, BJ Novak‘s got big movie career plans — but what you haven’t heard is that Ryan will throw himself at Kelly Kapoor prior to said departure. And by "prior to," I mean tonight. Mhmmm.

How Barney Met Ted’s Sister: Seems Mosby’s baby sis recently graduated from college and is seriously considering a move to New York. And yeah, I’m pretty sure the Barnana’s going to hit that, much to Ted’s chagrin.

Big Banging:
Have you heard about Less Than Perfect‘s Sara Rue joining the cast of The Big Bang Theory as Leonard’s new lady friend? Care for some scoop? She plays a young doctor — Wolowitz first lures her into the group by promising her a chance to drive the Mars Rover — who cannot keep her hands off Leonard. As Sheldon states to Penny, they’ve entered into a romantic relationship with a sexual component. That’s right, friends, L-dawg’s gettin’ laid…

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