Thoughts on last night’s Weeds premiere? Word is ratings were record-breaking: close to 60% higher than last year’s. Crazy, no? Nancy Botwin’s (Mary-Louise Parker, pictured left) business continues to grow…

A few more small-screen facts (and credible rumors) for you:

Gossip Goes South: Sources tell me that while much of the Gossip Girl cast is filming in the Hamptons this week, a certain Upper East Sider or two may have been spotted in Miami. Could South Beach be doubling as Tuscany (or some such European locale) for Blair and Chuck… and maybe the jump seat dude, too? I’m simply postulating. What do you think?

Crime Scene Investigator: Speaking of South Beach, the Miami-Dade Police Department will welcome a new medical examiner in the second episode this Fall. I’m told Lauren Price will be young — late 20s to early 30s — but wise beyond her years. Word is they’re looking for an actress with a bit of ethnic spice to fill the role.

Though 24‘s last season ended with a pregnant Chloe, and her portrayer Mary-Lynn Rajskub (pictured right) is currently knocked up in real-life, we will not see a bun in Ms. O’Brien’s oven when the show returns. Sources tell me Rajskub is hiding her baby bump behind boxes and spending a lot of time behind the computer. As for the two-hour prequel that will bridge the gap between the sixth and seventh seasons, Chloe will not be participating.

Daddy Dexter: Producers are currently looking for an 18-year-old who resembles Michael C. Hall to play Dexter’s son. But this character could just be a figment of Dex’s imagination, so don’t get too excited.

Lipstick Lady: Fans of Lipstick Jungle and its resident designer, Victory Ford (Lindsay Price),
will be happy to hear that the struggling entrepreneur’s business grows
next season. I’m hearing she’ll even add a young Samantha Jones-type
publicist to her team.

Chuck’s Alias:
We will learn quite a bit more about Weinerlicious woman Sarah Walker (Yvonne Stahovski, pictured left) this Fall. Turns out her name ain’t Sarah at all, she’s from San Diego and has a dad with a seriously troubled past.

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh