Let’s see if I can quickly answer a few of your reader questions with the following…

Walker Brother:
Though Brothers & Sisters has yet to cast the role of Ryan — the newest (possible) (bastard) Walker sibling — I am told that the character is definitely a boy, though some of you mused that the traditionally male name could belong to a girl as well. I’m also hearing a few details about the kid’s background: apparently he’s had a troubled past involving drugs, discipline problems and low self-esteem. New best pal for Justin?!

Desperate House Guy:
Wisteria Lane’s resident gays, Bob and Lee, will be back for year five and we’ll soon learn a lot more about the good-looking couple. Seems Bob has got some serious issues — like, seek professional help sort of issues — and it will all come out this season.

Rescue Them:
Have you caught the Rescue Me minisodes airing on FX every Tuesday? No, they’re not hour-long eps, but because we have to wait till 2009 for the full fifth season (thank you, WGA strike), these minisodes are a nice little treat. FYI, when the Gavin family does make their official season five debut, they’ll be in their usual state of turmoil, though the goings-on will be more comical than catastrophic. I guess young Katy’s been sent off to boarding school, crazy Colleen is in a serious relationship with Black Shawn and Janet’s still dating Dwight… but that won’t stop her from sleeping with Tommy this season, surprise-surprise!

Dirty Sexy Mistress:
Worried for Carmelita’s safety? Don’t be. Candis Cayne will be back on Dirty Sexy Money, and though Carmelita will be disguising herself as a man this year, she’s still all-woman. In fact, Patrick will be moving the relationship forward, promising to divorce his wife — you know, the one that shot him last season? — and tie the knot with C.

Though Showtime had hoped for a Summer debut of their second year series, David Duchovny recently told a friend that the Californication premiere, which he directed, will likely air in September. They’ve just wrapped filming on the season’s ninth episode.

Okay, that’s it for today. But if you’ve got more TV questions, send ’em my way and I’ll see what I can do: kghosh@zap2it.com   

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh