Scrubs, Chuck, Desperate Housewives, The Office, Gossip Girl: Some quick TV scoop before I sign off for the weekend…

Newbies Scrub In: So, you know how Zach Braff is definitely leaving Scrubs
after this upcoming season, even though ABC may keep the show going with new cast members when he’s
gone? Well, I understand many die hard fans are unsure about the idea, but they may change their minds after getting a sneak peek at what
that whole scenario could look like. It seems the new class of interns —
played by Eliza Coupe, Sonal Shah, Betsy Beutler and Todd Bosley
have shot a series of hilarious webisodes, revolving around
their first days at Sacred Heart. Sonal’s character is supposedly doing
a video diary to document the experience, and it will all play out
online in six installments. Scrubs‘ main cast members will also cameo. The pre-season premiere for said webisodes is still unknown, but stay tuned for more info…

Office Gossip:
Intel on what’s to come at Dunder-Mifflin is hard to come by these days, as the writing team has adopted the Lost method for locking down story lines. However, I am hearing a few tidbits:
The jury duty episode — loosely based off Steve Carell‘s
real-life experience during the writers strike — is still in the
works, though it hasn’t been shot yet. They are currently planning at
least one holiday-themed half hour this season, but there’s the
possibility (and probability) of more. Plus, look forward to an
upcoming ep directed by ExtrasStephen Merchant, aka Ricky Gervais‘ writing partner.

Good Luck Chuck:
…Or maybe our secret agent guy doesn’t need luck any longer. Seems Bartowski will be asking Sarah out on a real date in this Monday’s premiere and she’s saying yes. Could computer geek be going all casanova on us? Word is he’ll lock lips with Ms. Walker, and he’ll be making out with guest star Melinda Clarke as well. But the smart money says these displays of affection all part of some larger scheme…

Desperate Houseguy:
Edie’s new shady husband, hell bent on getting the residents of Fairview to look kindly upon him and his wife, will charm most of the women on Wisteria Lane. But it won’t take long for one lady in particular to suspect that something’s off. Mrs. McCluskey (the Emmy-winning Kathryn Joosten) and her cat, Toby, will be the first to fall victim to Mr. Edie Britt’s special brand of bullying persuasion, and the plucky McCluskey won’t just forgive and forget.

Gossip Guy on Guy:
It won’t be long now before we meet Eric Van der Woodsen’s new Gossip Girl love interest. But word is, step daddy Bart Bass won’t be all that welcoming to Eric’s special dude…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh