Dying for a small dose of tube-related scoop? Let’s see if I can deliver…

Leightonmeester_gossipgirl_240 Gossip Girl Meets Boy: What are we calling the dynamic pairing of Chuck and Blair these days? Bluck? Chair? Well, whatever their moniker, the Upper East Side’s evil duo could repair their relationship as early as this week. Word is the two may even make plans to go away together… though I hear Ms. Waldorf will meet a new dude while en route.

Chadmichaelmurray_onetreehill_240 Tree Hill Ragin’: Though previews for next week’s One Tree Hill seemed to indicate a bedroom reunion for Peyton and Lucas, I’m told he’s still very much in love with Lindsey, and when things with the book editor go from bad to worse, Luke wholeheartedly blames Peyton. Expect to see some ugly moments from him in the next week or two… on the basketball court and off.

She’s with the Entourage: Rumor has it that things are looking up for Johnny Drama in the romance department. When Entourage returns this September, he’ll supposedly have a lovely lady in his life.

Sethgabel_dirtysexymoney_240 Dirty Sexy Paparazzi: Just as Brit Brit Spears took a dip in the paparazzi dating pool, Dirty Sexy Money‘s Jeremy Darling is diggin’ a shutterbug of his own. He’ll meet the sexy, English photographer as she follows the murder trial of his mother, Letitia, somehow forgetting that she’s sort of the enemy.

Teenage (Cali)fornication: Young Becca will have a boyfriend this season. A little goth and a Guitar Hero freak, I hear he’s pretty much the male version of her.

Sallyfield_240_001_2 Mothers & Misters: With Danny Glover and Steven Weber now out of the Brothers & Sisters picture, producers are contemplating new love interests for Nora and Sara Walker. Word is Nora will reconnect with one of William’s old business partners early next season, and he’ll stick around for quite some time.

Hunterparrish_weeds_s3_240 MILF Weed: Showtime may be behind Mary-Kate Olsen to win an Emmy for Weeds, but Silas Botwin has already moved on to a new woman. And I mean woman in every sense of the word. She’s a mom, around the 4-0 mark, and doesn’t seem to mind that Silas is less than a decade older than her son. Sounds like producers are looking to cast a familiar face in the role. Any suggestions?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh