Got a few odds, ends and interesting bits of TV-related facts for you. Take ’em or leave ’em…

doesn’t debut till September, a little birdie hints that FX execs have
already committed to a fifth year. An official
announcement could come any day now.

The Doctors Are In:
According to HBO President Michael Lombardi, when In Treatment returns for its second go-round, Gabriel Byrne (pictured, right) and Dianne Weist
will return as Dr. Paul and Dr. Gina, but we’ll be introduced to a
whole new crop of patients. Whether any of them will be as interesting
as Mia Wasikowska‘s Sophie, he did not say. Tell Me You Love Me‘s second season, however, will feature the same cast.

Sex and The Senators:
Sarah Jessica Parker (pictured, left) is still very much in the HBO business. In addition to moving forward with plans for a second Sex and The City film, Parker’s TV project (she is producing) The Washingtonienne — based on Jessica Cutler‘s
novel about her sexual exploits in our nation’s capital — is moving
ahead as well. According to HBO brass, "it’s a very funny, smart
look at women in Washington," which they plan to roll out within the
next year.

Mad Man:
Involved in every aspect of of the series, from writing to editing to music, Mad Men creator (and creative genius) Matt Weiner
will take on directing this season as well, helming the finale just as
he did last year. Talking about the themes they’ll tackle this time
around, Weiner told me that "the exotic" will influence the tone of the
show: "America was obsessed with Hawaii, Japan, India [in the early
1960s]. They were opened up to being international and to bringing all
of these other cultures into their home. You’ll see that this season." For more scoop on what’s coming up, read this.

The Baker’s Brothers:
Ned’s got kin. Word is Pushing Daisies‘ Pie Maker has two half siblings who happen to be identical twin boys. Producers are currently looking for a couple cute guys in their twenties to play the familial roles.

Prison Secret:
We will learn a lot more about that God-awful girl Gretchen (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, pictured right) this season on Prison Break. Turns out she’s got a personal past that involves her sister and a sweet, young kid. Guesses on what the wench is hiding? Weigh in with your comments.

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh