I’ve gathered some intel. Let’s get to it…

Sesame Scrubs In:
Sacred Heart will welcome several well-known guest stars next season. Some of the names you may’ve heard of? Elmo, Oscar and Grover. Yep, the Sesame Street guys have already swung by the hospital to shoot their scenes.

Office Visit:
I ran into a well-known Dunder-Mifflin worker this weekend who was tight-lipped about season five plans, but did give me the "wink wink" on a possible Amy Ryan (photo, right) return. If I read him right, we can expect Toby’s replacement to make an encore appearance in the Fall.

Strange Love:
I’m told that early in the Big Love season, Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn, photo, left) will confront Bill’s diner-girl Ana, lecturing her on the perils of dating a married man and insisting that if they’re serious, she must be prepared to date the entire family. Though she’ll show a bit of resistance at first, Ana will court the Henricksons in season three. In fact, there will be talk of marriage and Sarah will accuse her father of putting the financial needs of a fourth wife above her desire for a college education… Amandaseyfried_veronicamars_240
Speaking of Sarah (Amanda Seyfried, photo, left), though her relationship with Scott will continue, we may not see much of Aaron Paul as he’ll be busy with the second season of Breaking Bad. I’m hearing that, in his absence, a mutual attraction between Sarah and Bill’s half brother Franky (the one who gets kicked off the compound, mhmm, her sort-of uncle) may arise. Also, be prepared for feelings to develop between Nicki and the Assistant District Attorney she’s secretly working for, while little Teeny will get too close for comfort with a couple of neighbor boys.

Getting His Hands Dirty:
Remember Patrick’s (William Baldwin, photo, right) friend Carmelita who went missing last season? I’m
told she was, in fact, kidnapped and possibly terrorized. Apparently
Patrick will beat the piss out of the person he holds responsible.
Still, don’t count on Carmelita being gone for long. Candis Cayne will
return for year two. More DSM scoop? Simon Elder will stage a takeover of
the Darling Company, even as his fake relationship
with Karen Darling continues. Also, expect more Lisa George and Jeremy

Brothers & Sisters & Business Partners: Sarah Walker’s season three love interest will be a smart 20-something (early 30s at the oldest) whose start-up company she’ll team with.

Breaking Bones:
Angela’s long lost husband, claiming he’s still in love with her, will refuse to sign divorce papers next Fall. A pathetic brawl between he and Hodgins (TJ Thyne, photo, left) — which Sweets tries to participate in — will ensue.

Tough Times for the Entourage: After enduring the box office disaster that was Medellin, Vince will not only be broke, but have to listen to the town whispering about his withering career.

Life Changes on Mars:
Though ABC plans to stay incredibly loyal to the popular BBC version of Life of Mars when it bows this Fall, there will be one major difference. "One thing I’ll say, that we haven’t yet copped to, is about the whole mystery of the show," executive producer Josh Appelbaum told me. "Everyone wants to know what’s going on, because the guy is a cop in 2008 and then all of a sudden wakes up in 1973. In the British version, you find out that  he got hit by a car and was simply in a coma the whole time. We are majorly flipping the script on that one component. The answer to what is actually going on is much more complex and emotional than a guy who’s just in a coma."

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