Nadya Suleman's personal odyssey of greed has inspired a  new play — "Octomom: The Musical" — that has become an underground hit in the Hollywood theater world.

Maybe they should do a double bill with "Jon & Kate: The Musical."

Will you go see this play?

Check out the Facebook page for the play.  For tickets, click here.

Nadya Suleman dish:

Nadya Suleman says "I screwed myself."

To see how much the multiple mommas Kate Gosselin and Nadya Suleman are alike, check out this new gallery! It's hilarious!

Nadya Suleman rips Kate Gosselin for having a tummy tuck? Look who's talking, liver lips!

Nadya Suleman says her TV show won't be "superficial" like "Jon & Kate Plus 8"

Nadya Suleman calls Kate Gosselin an "attention seeker." Pot, meet kettle.

Is Nadya Suleman a Kate Gosselin-in-training?

Who's paying for Nadya Suleman's surgery?

Nadya Suleman will ask for federal assistance for her babies

Nadya Suleman accuses free nurses of spying on her! 

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead