It’s been ten-plus years since “The O.C.” premiered on FOX and, as they’re wont to do in situations like this, fans are clamoring for a reunion. It hasn’t happened yet, but that’s not for lack of trying. As Rachel Bilson tells it, she’s game.

“I think it would be cool to do something, but I know there’s a lot of cast members that would not do it, that are kind of weird,” Bilson tells MTV News with a laugh. “Not weird, but I get it — to a certain extent. But it’s like, come on. It’s been 10 years, it was such a big thing in all of our lives. It would be cool to pay homage to it in some way.”

When asked if there would ever been a plan for maybe a reunion photo shoot or something similar, Bilson admits that there was once something in the works. “There was supposed to be one, but a couple people said no,” she says. “And I’m gonna put you on blast right now…”

Sadly, she refrains from putting her former co-workers on blast, leaving us to wonder just who’s holding up the “O.C.” reunion we want so badly. (For what it’s worth, our money’s on Peter Gallagher. Why? He knows why.)

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Posted by:Billy Nilles