rachel bilson ice cream Rachel Bilson would like to sell you some ice creamWhat’s weirder: Rachel Bilson starring in an ad campaign for ice cream bars, or the fact that Karl Lagerfeld is directing spots for said campaign?

We know: Strange all around. Yet it’s all true.

You may have caught Bilson’s ad for Magnum ice cream bars (we swear we didn’t make the name up either) during Tuesday’s (April 28) broadcast of “Glee.” It’s an English-language version of the first ad below, which originally aired in Europe. (Magnum is just making its way into the U.S. market after selling for 20-plus years overseas.)

The brand also made a splash at the Tribeca Film Festival, introducing a two-minute spot directed by fashion designer Lagerfeld — who loves his size-zero models and once called people who object to overly skinny women in fashion “fat mummies.” The ads are in service of a product that contains 50 to 75 percent (depending on the flavor) of your daily recommended intake of saturated fat.

The Lagerfeld spot, the first of three “short films” he’s directing with Bilson for Magnum, is the second clip below. What do you think of the ads, and what do you make of Lagerfeld’s involvement?

Posted by:Rick Porter