witches of east end season 2 finale rachel boston 'Witches of East End' Season 2: How does Rachel Boston really feel about the Mandragora?Rachel Boston was just as excited (and terrified) reading a “Witches of East End” Season 2 script as you were watching it. In preparation for the sure-to-be-ridiculous finale, here’s what kind of witch she thinks she’d be, whether she thinks ’70s mustache Dash or present-day Dash could win in a fight and her true thoughts on the Mandragora, a.k.a. the tentacle sex monster.

Who do you think would win in fight: present-day Dash or ’70s mustached Dash?
I’m going with present-day Dash. That’s my instinct. Put a mustache on present-day Dash and there’s no telling what could happen!

Which Beauchamp witch are you most like in real life?
I feel like I am most like Ingrid, but I am fascinated with the online quiz someone sent me that says I’m more like Wendy.

Were you as excited (and terrified) each time you read a season two script, as we are watching season two of “Witches of East End”?
Even if I already have an idea about what is going to happen, I always get really excited when the new scripts come out. That’s one of the many things I love about television. The journey continues and you start a new chapter every week. On “Witches of East End,” some of the chapters make you laugh, some make you cry, some keep you up at night, and some take you through time doors to the past. There are really no limits to what we can explore and where we can go.

This isn’t so much a question, but I need to know everything about your thoughts on the Mandragora, aka the tentacle sex monster, a.k.a. Tentacle Joe (that’s what I call him).
(laughs) Tentacle Joe. I like that. I embraced it and him. At the heart of what’s happening to Ingrid, it’s a really dark story, but it brings added dimensions of mystery and danger to what is on the other side of Asgard. And in the end, the whole family comes together, including Dash, and they are able to set Ingrid free so there’s a lot of power in that. During the screen tests for the Mandragora, Jenna looked at him and then looked at me and just said, “Oh, just have fun.” And that we did.

In a world where magic exists, if you could only have one magical power, what would it be?
The power to heal and fly.  I would be a healing flying witch.

You’re in a body swap with one of your “Witches” castmates, Who do you swap bodies with and what wacky scenarios do you get into?
Oooo!  Probably Daniel.  He’s lived all over the world and I’m always asking him questions about what he’s doing when he’s not working so body swapping would save me a lot of questions. Plus his wife is one of my dear friends so I’m sure we would figure out plenty of wacky scenarios to get ourselves into.

You’re on a deserted island that, for some reason, will allow you watch one TV show — past or present — whenever you want for as long as you’re on the island. (Which is eternity.) What is the show?
This is a fascinating deserted island.  On this magic television island, I would probably watch “Friends” since there are so many of them to keep me company. And there are 10 seasons, so I won’t have to sit through as many reruns while I’m waiting for a ship or a plane to see my smoke signal and bring me home.

If you could star as famous personality (musician, actor, artist, writer, etc.) — living or dead — in a biopic, who would it be, and who would direct it?
Mother Theresa is the first that comes to my mind. Directed by Angelina Jolie or Clint Eastwood.

Would you describe yourself as either a city person, a country person, or an ocean person? (According to “The Bachelor,” that last one is a viable option.)
Can I be a country, ocean, city person? My soul is happiest in the country. I love being surrounded by nature and the peace of solitude, but I have always being drawn to the city. I moved to New York City when I was 17. I do love having live music, art galleries, operas, and book clubs around the corner. And the artistic community is so inspiring.  I think I have found a nice balance of working in the city and retreating in the country.  

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