rachel zoe project 15 Rachel Zoe on fired assistant Taylor Jacobson: 'I don't care what she does'This is bananas! Fans of “The Rachel Zoe Project” love (or love to hate) Rachel Zoe‘s always grumpy right-hand girl Taylor Jacobson, who was basically too cool for everything Zoe did. We were all shocked in November when Jacobson announced (via Twitter, obviously) that she was leaving Rachel Zoe, Inc.

It was rumored that Taylor was fired because designer clothes started going missing from Zoe’s closets. Of course, Zoe’s other assistant, Brad Goreski, was in charge of keeping track of those clothes. Was Tay swiping the clothes to sabotage Goreski?

“That was so real that I cannot even tell you how real that actually
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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie