rachel zoe versus brad goreski over demi moore getty Rachel Zoe versus Brad Goreski: It's a catfight over dressing Miss Demi!

Rachel Zoe and her former employee Brad Goreski publicly ended their working relationship, saying they parted amicably. But sources say that pregnant Zoe is fuming over her former associate stealing actress Demi Moore from her. Does Demi like her stylists how she likes her men? Young.
Sources tell the New York Post that “Rachel is furious. Brad assisted her in styling Demi. Now she feels betrayed.”
Anyone who watched “The Rachel Zoe Project” on Bravo knows that Moore was one of Rachel’s biggest clients and “dearest friends.” So, what’s up with whippersnapper Goreski dressing Mrs. Kutcher recently for the Sundance Film Festival and some upcoming Oscar parties? 
“No comment,” Goreski tells the newspaper.

Fine, Brad. But what’s next? Brunch with Taylor? 
Posted by:Jethro Nededog