scotty lago shaun white winter olympics 2010 gi Racy pics cause Scotty Lago to take his bronze medal home earlyWhat is it with these snowboarders? First Shaun White‘s coach swore on live TV and then Thursday (Feb. 18) night, Scotty Lago was caught taking his bronze medal to town … if you know what we mean.

While The Dish Rag knows that Olympic medals are not technically holy objects, we also know that they should be treated with a little respect (Shaun losing one of his only to find it shoved behind the driver’s seat of his car later aside).

]]>snapped by a photographer having a girl bite his medal in a flirty manner. She also appears to kiss (we hope) the medal as it dangles in front of his crotch. Oh, honey. Do you know where that medal has been? According to the AP, after the pics hit the Web and spread like wildfire he apologized to the Olympic committee and decided to leave the festivities early. Or maybe he was just all partied out. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for more celebrity dish and news.
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