Actress Rae Dawn Chong was in the news Friday (July 19) for some controversial remarks she made about her “Color Purple” co-star Oprah Winfrey — including calling her “vile” and dropping the n-word.

Naturally, some damage control was in order, so Chong went the Paula Deen route and posted the above video on YouTube. Chong says:

In reference to the giant s***storm, that I caught this morning — thank you, TMZ. I have to say — out of context, it’s a most unfortunate choice of words and I regret it. In context, I was actually complimenting Oprah. So if you get a chance, you should listen to the whole interview. Do I have issues with her? Yes. Am I perfect? No. Do I take back everything I said? No. Am I in pain that it’s caused pain, to me, to her? Yes.

Would I use the n-word in reference to something historical? Probably not because this is such a horrible time right now, with the Trayvon Martin thing, with all the racial issues, it just isn’t right. So, I regret that. But I have a too frank, maybe some say I have a big mouth and it’s just too bad. I’m in pain about it too because taken out of context it sounds really bad. In context, I was actually complimenting Oprah. And that’s all I got to say about it.

What do you think? Does that clear it up? And for the record, we tried very hard to find the full interview and not just the excerpts TMZ posted online, but we could not. Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour website does not have the Chong interview in its archives.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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