rainbow roses Rainbow Roses: A bad Valentine's Day gift idea from 'The View'On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” the co-hosts promoted the hottest new hideous Valentine’s Day craze: rainbow roses. These artificially-colored roses look like they belong on top of a kid’s birthday cake, not in a bouquet, but we’re betting that plenty of misguided men will be gifting their unlucky ladies with them this February 14.

The roses are dyed by splitting the stem of a white rose, and soaking each piece in a different colored water. The split part of the stem is then cut and prepped for the bouquet.

If you want your Valentine’s Day gift to be a celebration of gay pride, these roses are totally appropriate and creative. If that’s not what you intend to say, though, V-Day is not the time for trends. Stick with the classics: Red for “I love you,” and yellow for “I kind of sort of maybe like you.” White is a symbol of purity and/or remembrance, so if you’re going for a “Yay, virginity!” or “I’m sad you’re dead” vibe, that’s your color.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie