rainn wilson angus t jones forerunner two and a half men the office nbc cbs Rainn Wilson parodies Angus T. Jones by begging fans to not watch 'The Office'

Angus T. Jones isn’t the only TV star who can slam his own show. Rainn Wilson of “The Office” may have topped the “Two and a Half Men” kid with a parody video the effectively points out the ridiculousness of this whole situation.

If you have been following celebrity or TV news at all over the past few days, you should know by know that Jones released a video of himself in which he called “Two and a Half Men” filth that no one should watch. Apparently, bad sitcoms are antithetical to Jones’ new religion, a Seventh-Day Adventist group led by a man called Forerunner. The actor has since apologized for any slight on the show’s cast and crew, but his overall opinions have not publicly changed.

Now it’s time for Rainn Wilson to get in on the “filth” train. Wilson appears in his own slam video sitting next to his “Office” co-star, Craig Robinson (an obvious parody of Christopher Hudson, aka Forerunner, sitting next to Jones in the original video). At no point during the video do the actors mention Jones, Forerunner or “Two and a Half Men.” They don’t have to.

In the video, Wilson highlights the irony connected to any star publicly telling people to avoid his or her show: It’s great publicity. The actor here makes sure to mention his awful show, “The Office,” and its air-time repeatedly.

Check out Rainn Wilson’s video below, and then suffer through very lengthy video of Angus T. Jones after that if you want.

Posted by:Laurel Brown