rainn wilson breaking bad reading Rainn Wilson played Walt in live reading of 'Breaking Bad' pilot script

Before “Breaking Bad” enters its final, thrilling, shocking run, some stars wanted to take a trip down memory lane and go all the way back to the pilot. Remember when Walt, nearly naked and alone out in the desert, thought he was about to be caught with a mobile meth lab and three bodies (two dead, one unconscious), so he recorded a cryptic farewell to his family before almost taking his own life? A lot happened in that first episode, huh? 

Tuesday night (July 23) at the LACMA, a live-read of that very first episode’s script took place with some surprising actors taking on the roles made famous by Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, et al. — and the endeavor was made all the more intimidating thanks to the fact that original cast members Cranston, Paul, Anna Gunn, R.J. Mitte, Bob Odenkirk, and series creator Vince Gilligan were in the audience to watch the new ensemble reinterpret the script. So who played what character?

“The Office” star Rainn Wilson took on the role of Walter White, a.k.a. Heisenberg, and even looked the part with a mustache and corduroys. “Parenthood’s” Mae Whitman played Jesse Pinkman — and also dressed for the part, wearing a big black hoodie. Annie Mumulo played Skyler White, “The Office’s” Ellie Kemper played Marie, Chi McBride played Hank, and Paul Rust played Walt Jr. How much are you kicking yourself for missing out on seeing that cast take on “Breaking Bad’s” first episode? 

The reading was a part of Jason Reitman‘s Live Read series, in which the director puts together readings of classic films (this was the first TV show to be included in the series). “Breaking Bad” returns for its final half season on August 11 on AMC.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum