asia raising asia 'Raising Asia' Season 1 finale: The triple threat takes the stage

After months of blood, sweat and tears, “Raising Asia” brings its first season to a close. It’s all been building to this, as eight-year-old Asia has her most important performance to date: a 15 minute concert at Universal City Walk, in front of thousands of fans. If Asia can make it here, she can prove that she’s able to hold her own as an opener for much bigger performers.

Of course, things aren’t easy along the way. At one point, Asia’s mother Kristie is ready to call the whole show off when the cameras refuse to stop rolling on things that have nothing to do with Asia specifically. It’s nowhere near the level of a “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” blow-up, but it’s a bumpy pit stop with the performance being so close.

However, the day before the City Walk performance, things aren’t any less chaotic. Her father and choreographer continue to spend the whole time butting heads, and Asia has to go into the performance without even really being able to have a proper dress rehearsal.

But during the performance, Asia is every bit the star she, her family, and her friends have been telling us she is. The one hiccup — which is her mic cutting out in the middle of song–is one that she handles with the style and grace of a seasoned veteran.

It remains to be seen what the next step in young Asia’s career will be, but whatever it is, it will be befitting of a diva.

Posted by:LaToya Ferguson