rake michelle forbes episode 6 fox 'Rake': Michele Forbes seduces Greg Kinnear in 'Jury Tamperer'

On Thursday’s (Feb. 27) new episode of “Rake,” Greg Kinnear‘s unorthodox lawyer Keegan Deane might have found his match in his latest client, played by “The Killing” star Michelle Forbes.

“I’m sure it seems that having sex with a juror is a rather extreme way to fight for justice,” Forbes’ Lucy Marks tells Deane, who actually doesn’t want Keegan to clear her of the crime. “I committed a crime so that I could be convicted,” she says.

Marks’ daughter is in jail, and she’s decided to take the law into her own hands to get justice. Explains executive producer Peter Tolan, “Kee finds it very attractive, thinks she’s almost a Joan of Arc, and becomes very, very attracted to her, which is a mistake.”

Check out Zap2it‘s exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the episode below, then tune in to FOX on Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT for “Jury Tamperer.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley