ralph macchio getty Ralph Macchio turns 50?!We always knew that some day this would happen. It just wasn’t supposed to be for another 10 years or so. Ralph Macchio turns 50 on Friday (Nov. 4).

Macchio first emerged in the star-studded cast of “The Outsiders” alongside Tom Cruise, Matt Dillon and Rob Lowe among numerous other A-listers. But it was his performance as Daniel in the “The Karate Kid” that kicked his career into a different gear. In addition to starring in two subsequent “Karate Kid” films, Macchio played a key role in “My Cousin Vinnie.

In recent years Macchio showed his moves on the reality TV series “Dancing with the Stars” and also was a recurring character ABC dramedy “Ugly Betty.

But for now, we just want to say, “Happy Birthday Ralph.” Now go paint the fence.

Posted by:David Eckstein